We Bring the Fun of Art to You!

A great party option for the Creative-Kid in your home!

We bring everything needed for these arts ‘n’ crafts activities, all the materials and table cloths are provided along with the music and super Disco Lights to set a fun party atmosphere! All you need to do is provide a table the kids can stand and work at – or if this isn’t possible, we can happily use a hard or wooden floor space too!

All our fun art activities have been designed so that kids of all abilities can get creative and learn something new…. and the best part is each child gets to proudly take home their artwork as a memento of a great party!

Depending on the number of kids and the duration you book, the kids can choose a selection of the following art activities:

Top Tip!

Don’t have a table space big enough to use for the arts and crafts? Well don’t worry, a wooden or hard floor space works equally as well…. the kids love sitting shoulder to shoulder while they make their works of art!

Party Highlights

Fairy Star Wands & Popsicle Stick Crafts:

Kids love making our Fairy Star Wands and decorating them with ribbons, gems, feathers to customise them to their own style and taste! Also exciting popsicle stick crafts with lots of different characters and designs to choose to from!

Pebble Painting

A really popular activity with kids of ALL ages! With our LESS MESS acrylic art pens they can create anything that they can imagine...from funky characters, rainbows, love hearts or even just a message on a stone!

Bookmarkers and Bedroom Signs:

The children personalise their very own bookmarker or bedroom sign, creating from a selection of multi-coloured stick-on foam shapes, characters & letters!

Beaded Keyrings / Wristbands / Necklaces :

The kids will love making their very own beaded wristbands, keyrings and necklaces. From funky designs, to their football or team colours…with hundreds of beads and buttons to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

Prince & Princess Crowns:

The kids get to make cool Prince and Princess Crowns and Tiaras with coloured card, sparkly jewels and foam stickers!

Pipe Cleaner Wriggly Worms:

The kids love making these really cute pipe cleaner animals, as they personalise them with their favourite colours and designs.

Dream Catchers:

A great art activity for the slightly older kids aged 6yrs and up - they design and make their very own cool dream catcher to hang in their bedrooms to ensure only the best of dreams and a great nights sleep!

Sock Puppets (upon special request)

An optional add on for your kids party or great for corporate events or family days, the kids must get their imaginations fired up as they get to create their own very unique sock puppet characters!

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