Made to Measure Especially for your Child!

Does your child want the Disco from our Multi Activity Party, but also is a keen Sports-fanatic?!

Does your kid love face painting, but you want to make sure the kids are also kept nice and busy?!

Is your daughter a ‘girly-girl’ but half her class are boys?!

…No problem at all!

This is where our ‘Bespoke-ing Skills’ come in handy – we can help you catch that middle ground and mix and match those that will keep everyone happy!

We can happily help you to Design-Your-Own-Party by selecting those activities from our different parties that best suit your child’s interests and then we package them all up in one cool-bespoke-party, with a big bow on top (!)…especially for your kid!



Bear in mind, a toy room or playroom packed full of toys might not be the best location to have the entertainment given all the distractions. Consider tidying some these out of sight, or covering over with a sheet… we want to give your child the best party ever!

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