For those kids who believe one sport is just never enough!

The Sports party is a high-energy party for boys and girls of all ages, revolving around team sports challenges and fast paced group races!

Split into two teams, they must select their Team Name and work together on competitive challenges and races.

However, to keep the competitive-spirit in check and to ensure that ‘FUN’ remains firmly at the heart of the party, the kids regularly break out of their teams and join back up together as a group to play a host of exciting non-competitive games…!

Top Tip!

This party is perfect for halls and green spaces - HOWEVER, if you don’t have a hall available or the weather for outside, this can be scaled down for a home setting. On your Marks, Get Set!

Party Highlights

Football Relay Games & Penalty Shoot Outs

We test the kids’ footwork and accuracy skills with a whole host of team football challenges, which even the littlest of kids are supported to excel in!

Wacky Races and Obstacle Courses

With all kinds of mad-cap races involving tunnels to crawl through, cones to run around, hoops to jump through…. and maybe even pom-poms to shake..?!?... the kids will laugh as hard as they race!

Target Competition

With a selection of hoop targets to choose, from easy to hard, the teams must work out their strategy to score the highest number of points.

Team Beanbag & Ball Games

A large selection of ball and beanbag passing games where working as a team is the key to success!

Running & Jumping Games

Under, over, around and about again…. phew! We’ll have your little ones legs working hard with these active games!

Team Parachute Games

We have a HUGE variety of team building Parachute games to suit all ages from the youngest all the way up to the older kids, involving the whole group in fun, cooperative play.

Break-out, non-competitive games

Include Land, Sea, Shore, The Over the Head Game, Snatch the Bacon, Dragons Treasure… and so many more!

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