Interactive Character Actors Let our Professionally Trained Actors ‘Create a Scene’ at your Event!

Our exciting Interactive Character Actors entertain and mingle with the parents and kids at your event, giving lots of fun photo opportunities…. as well as providing plenty of mad cap antics guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s faces! Our professional actors perform in quality costumes and are bursting with personality!

If you have another character or theme in mind… Just Ask!

Jedi Knight

Jedi Knights

Cops N Robbers

Cops 'N' Robbers

Pirates School

Pirates School



Santa Christmas

Santa & Christmas

Party Character Robber Main

Cops N' Robbers

One of Ireland’s most sought after jewellery thief’s is in the vicinity of your event…What will you do? Who should you call?!
Well no need to fear…the SWAT team has arrived!!

But can the SWAT team leader catch this dodgy villain as he races through your event trying to evade capture?! Using his SWAG bag of treats, he attempts to ‘bribe’ the children to hide him from the law enforcement officer who is close on his tail!

A Hilarious, mad-cap, old-style cops n’ robbers chase will ensue… guaranteed to amuse the kids and parents alike!

Party Character Jedi Main

Jedi Knights

The most iconic Star Wars characters, Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi recreate the fight of Good V’s the Dark Side with an action packed light saber fight. Joined from the Good Side by warrior Rey from The Force Awakens, she is a fierce Jedi with strong powers of the Force!

These iconic characters walk around your event, interacting with the kids and teaching them some key Jedi Knight light saber moves. May the Force be With You! Fantastic memorable photo opportunities for the kids and families at your event.

Pirate Actors

Pirates Ahoy!

Interactive Walkabout Pirate Characters cause hilarious mayhem at your event! The Pirates mingle and create fun interactions with the parents and kids as they search for their Treasure which hidden somewhere in your event!

These uproarious, troublesome pirate characters are guaranteed to create pirate mischief wherever they go!

You can also bring PIRATE SCHOOL to your event.

  • Kids learn the Pirate Salute & the all-important Pirate Code. Get taught to speak like a Pirate from a Real-Pirate! Ah Har
    me Hearties!
  • Pirate Face Painting and Balloon Modelled Pirate Swords.
  • Then learn some key Pirate Sword Fighting moves and spar against the Pirates themselves…. but be careful… lose and
    you’ll have to Walk the Plank…!

Party Character Papparazzi Main


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be famous, with press photographers going crazy trying to get your photo?! Our comedic and charming Hollywood-style fake Paparazzi Characters move around your event as roving reporters, interacting with the parents and kids in a fun way, bringing laughter and excitement as they try and get that all important photo…….even though they sometimes mix up Who’s-Who – guests might just get mistaken for their favourite A – List celebrity!

Santa Main

Santa / Christmas Events

Tis the Season to be Jolly…! Let our Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and team of North Pole Santa’s Helpers bring the Season of Ho-Ho-Ho to your event. We can tailor a package that works best for you…. depending on your preferred characters, selection of activities, budget and of course the scale of your event.

  • Santa Claus: The Big Man who needs no introduction!
  • Mrs Claus: Let Mrs Claus keep the kids entertained while they wait to see her busy husband….as she mingles for chats with the kids, relates some snowy stories and tests them on some festive riddles ….while happily posing for those all-important photos!
  • Santa’s Helpers: These festive little helpers are there to look after Santa, while keeping the festive spirit bright with
    Christmas Face Painting and/or Balloon Modelling.

And as long as they’ve had their daily mug of Hot Chocolate, they are always happy to pose for photos with the kids. Hic!

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